Victimae Paschali Laudes Kevin Allen

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Description: Victimae Paschali Laudes Kevin Allen I Sing of a Maiden Simple three part Motets for three singers. Kevin Allen Sacred Polyphony (Ave Sacer Christi Sanguis) Teach your choir to sing easy Sacred polyphony for three voices using these practice videos! Finally, simple polyphony for your choir! Polyphony for three voices. 3-voice Sacred Motets. 3-part Motets. 3-Voice Motets. Easy Polyphony by Kevin Allen with 56 free practice videos! CD recording available by Matthew J. Curtis. Video Produced by Corpus Christi Watershed • To find easy polyophony for your church choir, please visit: 3-part polyphony • simple polyphony for your choir Sacred, Beautiful, & Universal Documentary • How to conduct Gregorian Chant MOTECTA TRIUM VOCUM 3 voice motets, 3 part polyphony, Corpus Christi Watershed, Free Gregorian Chant, Rene Goupil Chant, Gregorian chant recordings, Plainsong, Sacred music, Gregorian Practice Videos,, Latin Propers of the Mass, Sung Mass, High Mass, Free Sacred music, Sacred music recordings, free chant recordings, free monks singing, Triors Chant, online Gregorian chant, Latin Mass sung video, Free Gregorian chant scores, Gregorian CD's