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"That good youth, recognizing the dangers in which he was involving himself in so perilous a journey, declared at his departure that the desire of serving God was leading him into a country where he surely expected to meet death." — Fr. Jerome Lalemant, speaking of St. Jean de Lalande
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“Our Christian people regard with great joy everything that contributes to the splendor of the ceremonies. Jesus—who was poor in His private life—received ointment on His feet. See Thomas Aquinas (Prima Secundae, q. 102, art. 5, ad 10) and the holy Curé of Ars. The Church has always loved beautiful churches, and so forth. We must preserve our sacred patrimony and make sure sacred objects do not become secular possessions.”
— Abbot & Council Father denouncing “noble simplicity” during Vatican II
St. Jean de Lalande Library of Rare Books
published 19 March 2013 by Corpus Christi Watershed
“The judicious searcher in this remarkable online collection will certainly reap great rewards for his effort.” — Fr. Robert A. Skeris, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (CUA)

508 Missale Romanum HE SAINT Jean de Lalande Library is derived primarily from Jeff Ostrowski’s personal collection of rare Gregorian chant books. While it doesn’t contain every single book in his possession (some were too fragile to scan), the most important ones are there. About 23,000 pages were uploaded to the CCW server in 2008. Some very important books were thereby made available to the entire world, including:  (A) the Nova Organi Harmonia of Flor Peeters and company;  (B) both editions of Fr. Hermesdorff’s Graduale;  (C) the 1903 Liber Usualis of Dom Mocquereau;  (D) both editions of the Liber Gradualis by Dom Pothier.

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Tome 1 • “Ordinarium Missæ” • Gregorian Notation

1857 Pustet Kyriale
1860 Luxembourg Kyriale
1901 Pustet Kyriale
1905 Schwann Kyriale
1905 Solesmes Kyriale (632) • Closer view, Portrait
1905 Solesmes Kyriale (643) • Preface in English
1905 Solesmes Kyriale (632) • Landscape
1905 Styria Kyriale
1906 Pustet Kyriale
1906 Leo P. Manzetti Kyriale
1906 Paris Kyriale
1906 Pustet KyrialeWith Insert
1907 Pustet Kyriale

Tome 2 • “Graduale Romanum” • Gregorian Notation

1858 LeCoffre Graduale
1863 Hermesdorff Graduale (1st version)
1871 Pustet Graduale
1874 Mechlin Graduale
1876 Hermesdorff Graduale (2nd version)
1883 Liber Gradualis (Dom Pothier) 1st Edition
1884 Pustet Graduale
1887 Reims/Cambrai Edition of the Graduale
1895 Liber Gradualis (Dom Pothier) 2nd Edition
1896 Liber Usualis (Solesmes)
1896 Pustet Graduale
1902 Solesmes Manuale Missae et Officiorum
1903 (?) Mohr Manuel de Chant
1903 Solesmes “Liber Usualis” (Mocquereau)
1903 Solesmes Manuale (Gregorian Notation)
1908 Graduale Romanum (Official Printing by the Vatican Press)
1908 Graduel Neumé by Cardine
1909 Schwann Graduale Romanum
1909 Weinmann Graduale Romanum (on modern staves)
1911 Pustet Graduale Romanum
1951 Mechlin Graduale Romanum (incomplete)
1953 Schwann Graduale Romanum
1957 Liber Usualis with English translations *
1961 Solesmes Liber Usualis (Small print)
1961 Solesmes Graduale Romanum (Large print)
1974 Graduale Romanum (Vatican II)

Tome 3 • Gregorian Chant • Modern Notation

1857 Kyriale in Modern Notation
1903 Solesmes Manuale (Modern Notation)
1903 Peter Wagner Kyriale (Gregorian Notation)
1904 Peter Wagner Kyriale (Modern Notation)
1904 Solesmes Kyriale (Preface in Latin)
1904 Solesmes Kyriale (Preface in English)
1906 Gregorian Notes and Neums
1906 Schwann Kyriale (Modern Notation)
1907 Missa Pro Defunctis (Modern Notation)
1912 Graduale in Modern Notation (F.X. Mathias)
1917 Schwann Graduale in Modern Notation
1924 Liber Usualis in Modern Notation (Solesmes) *
1925 Chants of Holy Week (Manzetti)

Tome 4 • Gregorian Treatises

1874 Directorium Chori
1877 Magister Choralis (Haberl)
1880 Les Mélodies Grégoriennes d’après la tradition
1891 Le Rythme du Chant Grégorien
1892 Treatise on Gregorian Chant (Lhoumeau)
1892 Magister Choralis (Haberl)
1894 Introduction aux mélodies grégoriennes (d’Agen)
1895 Treatise on Gregorian Chant (Keinle)
1899 Gregorian Rhythm (excerpts)
1902 Choral-Reform zu Rom. (excerpts)
1904 Deutsche Choral-Wiegendrucke (Molitor)
1904 Our Position (Molitor)
1905 Plainchant and Solesmes (Cagin & Mocquereau)
Method of the Solesmes Plain Chant
1906 Manual of Plain Chant (Burkard)
1909 The Elements of Plainsong
1913 Treatise on Gregorian Chant (Gastoué)
1914 The Teaching & Accompaniment of Plainsong (Burgess)
1925 Johner “A New School of Gregorian Chant”
1928 Catechism of Gregorian Chant (Hügle)
1930 Text Book of Solesmes Gregorian Chant (Suñol)
1932 “Le nombre musical Grégorien” (Mocquereau)
1939 Little Grammar of Gregorian Chant (Gogniat)
1945 The Rhythm of Plainsong (Dom Gajard)
1949 History of Catholic Church Music (Fellerer)
1951 Gregorian Chant Analyzed and Studied (Pierik)
1952 The Rhythmic Tradition in the Manuscripts (Mocquereau & Gajard)
1960 The Solesmes Method (Gajard)
1963 Chant According to the Manuscripts (Murray)
1964 Gregorian Chant Rhythm (Rayburn)

Tome 5 • “Ordinarium Missæ” • Organ Accompaniments

1876 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Franz Witt)
1881 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Franz Witt)
1902 (?) Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Michael Horn)
1902 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Ludovicus Ebner)
1905 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Peter Wagner)
1905 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (F.X. Mathias) — (1931)
1906 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Julius Bas)
1906 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Msgr. Leo P. Manzetti)
1910 Organum Comitans ad Kyriale (Anglican)
1910 Vade Mecum Paroissial (Aug Le Guennant) — Partial Kyriale
1912 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Franz Nekes) — Selections
1929 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Henri Potiron)
1937 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Goyatton & Lemoine-Biton)
1937 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Achille P. Bragers)
1946 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Lapierre)
1957 Organ Accompaniments for the Kyriale (Polish)

Tome 6 • “Graduale Romanum” • Organ Accompaniments

1874 Proprium et Commune Sanctorum — F.X. Haberl & Jos. Hanisch
1883 Commune Sanctorum (2 of 3) — F.X. Haberl & Jos. Hanisch
1883 Proprium Missarum de Tempore (3 of 3) — F.X. Haberl & Jos. Hanisch
1892 Organum Comitans (Schildknecht)
1900 Organum Comitans ad Graduale — F.X. Haberl & Jos. Hanisch
1910 Organum Comitans (Max Springer)
1910 Common of the Saints (Wiltberger Brothers)
1910s (?) Early version of Nova Organi Harmonia (NOH) — 4, 6, 7 only
1910s (?) Organum Comitans (Peter Wagner)
1910s (?) Wagner’s Proprium de Sanctis
1925 Graduale (Giulio Bas)
1925 Commune Sanctorum Gradualis Romani (F.X. Mathias)
1927 Proprium Sanctorum (Giulio Bas)
1928 Proprium Sanctorum (F.X. Mathias)
1933 Organ Accompaniments to the Graduale (Henri Potiron)
1936 Graduale (Dr. Franz Xavier Mathias)
1940s (8 volumes) Nova Organi Harmonia (NOH) — Van Nuffel, Flor Peeters, et al. *
1946 Complete Proper with Organ Accompaniment (Koch & Green)
1947 Graduale (Achille P. Bragers)

Tome 7 • Treatises on Organ Accompaniment

1856 Gevaert Method for Accompanying Plainchant
1856 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Niedermeyer)
1886 Du Chant Grégorien (Lemmens)
1900 (?) Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Lepage)
1903 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Abbé Emile Brune)
1910 Accompagnement du Chant Grégorien
1910 The Art of Accompanying Plain Chant (Max Springer)
1911 Edwin Evans Gregorian Accomp. Treatise
1912 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Abbé F. Brun)
1917 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Biton/Grosjean)
1923 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Giulio Bas)
1923 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Amédée Gastoué)
1924 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Boulfard)
1925 (?) Modal Accompaniment of Gregorian Chant (Jean Parisot)
1927 J. H. Arnold Plainsong Accompaniment
1933 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Henri Potiron)
1934 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Achille P. Bragers)
1937 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Marcel Dupré)
1943 (1949) Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Flor Peeters) — French, Flemish, English
1946 L’Accompagnement Du Chant Grégorien (Chanoine Francis Potier)
1947 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Dom Gregory Murray)
1949 Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment (Eugene Lapierre)
1949 Practical Instruction in Plainsong Accompaniment (Henri Potiron)
1963 The Accompaniment of Plainsong (Michael Fleming)

Tome 8 • Miscellaneous Organ Accompaniments

1840s (?) Gregorian Accompaniment (Félix Bélédin)
1874 Die Schule des katholischen Organisten
1890 Organum Comitans ad Vesperale (Hanisch)
1907 Vespers of B.V.M. Accompaniment
1909 Vranken Missa Pro Defunctis
Missa Pro Defunctis (J. van de Cauter)
1914 Organ Accompaniments for Various Occasions (Guennant)
Organum Comitans ad Vesperale (Peter Wagner)
1927 Vesperae et Completorium (Giulio Bas)
1928 Organ Accompaniments for the Divine Office (Giulio Bas)
1928 Organ Accompaniments “Vesperale” (Giulio Bas)
1928 Desrocquettes Psalm Accompaniments
Desrocquettes Accompaniments for the Psalms
1930 Feast of the Sacred Heart
1934 Potiron Benediction Accompaniments
1957 Lapierre Accompaniments for Holy Week
Psalm Tone Accompaniments
Potiron Accompaniments to the Office of the Dead

Tome 9 • Psalmi in Notis

1903 Solesmes Psalmi in Notis
Solesmes Psalmi in Notis (FRAGMENT)
1908 Psalmi in Notis
1913 Dethier Psalmi in Notis
1914 Springer Psalmi in Notis
1916 Fischer Psalmi in Notis
Sarum Tonale

Tome 10 • Incomplete Copies (Fragments)

1875 Hanisch Sanctorale & Witt Kyriale (Fragment)
1892 Pustet Rituale (Fragment)
1905 Solesmes Rituale (Fragment)
1908 Pustet Graduale (Fragment)
1909 Mechlin Graduale (Fragment)
1920 (1921) (1954) Solesmes Liber Usualis (Fragments)
1923 Francis Burgess Chant (Fragments)
1930 Nashdom Abbey Graduale (Fragment)

Tome 11 • Assorted Musical Scores

1818 Antiphonale (Bourguignon)
1851 Hymnarium Vesperale (Lambert)
1854 Musica Divina (Karl Proske)
1857 Vesperale in Modern Notation
1886 Vesperale Monasticum
1891 Antiphonale (Dom Pothier)
1892 Antiphonale (F. Pustet)
1895 Liber Responsorialis (Dom Pothier)
1921 Le plain-chant grégorien
1922 Complete Mass Propers (Fr. Theodore Labouré)
1923 Justine Bayard Ward Book
1934 Antiphonale Monasticum (Solesmes)
1934 Complete Mass Propers (A. Edmonds Tozer)
1935 Rev. Carlo Rossini CANTICUM NOVUM (208 pages)
1937 Fr. Lasance Missal
3-Voice Motets by Oreste Ravanello
1951 Two Rare Franciscan Gregorian Books
PIUS X HYMNAL by Dr. Theodore Marier

Tome 12 • Other Religious Books (Miscellaneous)

1948 “The Mass in Slow Motion” (Msgr. Ronald Knox)
1954 Comic book: Know Your Mass (Fr. Demetrius Manousos)
1965 Missale Romanum
Jesuit Martyrs of North America (Rev. John A. O’Brien)
1950 Missarum Sollemnia by Fr. Josef A. Jungmann
1955 Mediator Dei Hymnal
1962 Proprium Simplex by Hermann Kronsteiner
1970s Missale Romanum cum lectionibus

Please note:   Every attempt has been made to make sure these accompaniments are in the public domain, and they have been checked with the United States Copyright office. If you believe we have made a mistake, please notify us.