8568 Organist ENGLISH lumen córdium. Consolátor óptime, dulcis hospes ánimae, dulce refrigérium

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Veni, Sancte Spíritus, et emítte caélitus lucis tuae rádium. Veni, pater páuperum, veni, dator múnerum, veni, lumen córdium. Consolátor óptime, dulcis hospes ánimae, dulce refrigérium. In labóre réquies, in aestu tempéries, in fletu solátium. O lux beatíssima, reple cordis íntima tuórum fidélium. Sine tuo númine, nihil est in hómine, nihil est innóxium. Lava quod est sórdidum, riga quod est áridum, sana quod est sáucium. Flecte quod est rígidum, fove quod est frígidum, rege quod est dévium. Da tuis fidélibus, in te confidéntibus, sacrum septenárium. Da virtútis méritum, da salútis éxitum, da perénne gáudium. Come Holy Spirit, and send forth from heaven the ray of Thy light. Come, Father of the poor; come, giver of gifts; come, light of hearts. Thou best consoler, sweet guest of the soul, sweet coolness: in labor, rest; in heat, refreshment; in tears, solace. O most blessed Light, fill Thou the inmost recesses of the hearts of Thy faithful! Without Thy divine assistance there is nothing in man, nothing harmless. Cleanse what is base, bedew what is parched, heal what is wounded; bend what is rigid, warm what is chilled, guide what is astray. Give to Thy faithful confiding in Thee Thy sevenfold gifts. Give them the reward of virtue; give them the death of safety (a happy death); give them eternal joy.