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PBC Organ Accompaniments • Organ accompaniments for the Parish Book of chant +

Gregorian accompaniment • How to write Gregorian accompaniments for the organ +

Replacing Mass Propers with Hymns • This will be expanded upon soon +

Sister Magnificat IconsMaronite Icons • Beautiful Icons +

NOH Organ Accompaniment • O Filii et Filiæ +

O Fílii et Fíliæ [polyphony] • O Filii et Filiæ +

Lalemant Polyphonic • Examples of polyphonic training resources +

Article [pdf] • Modernizing Sacred Music: Is there any good news? +

Saint Philip Neri • Reflections +

Melismatic chant • Gregorian chant sung by Soloists +

Way of Love: Step by Step • Dr. Ronda Chervin’s 100 spiritual challenges (blog entries) • These started 18 November 2011 and continue day by day! +

2010 Interview • The director of the Corpus Christi Watershed Liturgical Initiatives, speaks about Watershed, its purpose, and some of the Liturgical projects. In particular, mention is made of Watershed’s role as an institute for artists in the year 2010, the St. Noël Chabanel Free Responsorial Psalms, the St. Antoine Daniel Kyriale, &, as well as several other projects. +

Triors Monsatery • French Monks singing Gregorian chant +

URL links • Various YouTube links (random) +

Alternate URL links

ICEL Mass • Musical Mass settings using the Roman Missal, Third Edition +

Hymnal using the New Translation of the Roman Missal • A YouTube Video +

Hymnal using the New Translation of the Mass • A high quality Vimeo Video +

2011 CMAA Trailer • Featuring Charles Cole and others, YOUTUBE +

Simple SATB CollectionSATB collection by Kevin Allen +

Simple SSA Collection • Three voice collection by Kevin Allen +

Motecta Trium Vocum Video • Free Catholic Sacred Music video +

English Gloria in honor of St. Ralph Sherwin • New Translation of the Roman Missal +

English Gloria in honor of St. Edmund Arrowsmith • New Translation of the Mass +

Five Masses in English • After English Martyrs +

Southeastern Liturgical Music Symposium • A video presentation given on 25 August 2012 in Atlanta explaining a whole bunch of free Sacred Music Resources +

Five Settings of “Glory To God” for Organ & Cantor • Like the “Mass in Honor of the English Martyrs,” these settings correspond to the New English Translation of the Roman Missal +

Blessed Cardinal Newman • Special video: “Lead, Kindly Light” +