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*     Feast of the Holy Family • Where did it come from?

The Consilium asked (15 March 1965): “Is it pleasing that the feast of the Holy Family be suppressed?” • Discussion of the First Sunday After Epiphany; the Feast of the Holy Name; the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord; the two (2) instances of different “Jubilate Deo” Offertories which repeat; “Abhinc Duos Annos” (23 October 1913); and many other items+ Read more →

*     Should Hymn Lyrics Be Inordinately Archaic?

The question of “Thee, Thy, Thou, Thine” • Speaks about whether referring to the “original version” of a hymn text makes sense • Treatment of the beautiful hymn melody called “Lafitau” and a harmonization by Claude Goudimel (d. 1572) with the melody placed into the Tenor voice+ Read more →

*     Catholic Artists and “Self Hatred”

Sviatoslav Richter couldn't function—much less perform—unless he carried around his pink, plastic lobster for comfort • Have you ever become discouraged about your abilities? Have you ever felt contempt for your early artistic creations? Typos from beautiful books are included in this reflection+ Read more →